LRK9100 Series EVS Controller


Short Description:

Image clarity is critical to the use of FLIR/EVS systems. The LRK9100 brings several high-end features like polarity control, white-hot and black-hot to your fingertips. Each of these features offer superior image definition. Another feature offered by the LRK9100 which is critical to image interpretation is enhancement.
The LRK9100 provides four separate levels of image enhancement and sharpening. Front panel feedback from NVIS compatible LEDs allows you to see how far an image has been enhanced. Use the 4X digital zoom feature to get an optimal look at an image. If a particular scene needs to be analyzed, the image freeze capability allows you an accurate assessment.
The goal of Lexavia Integrated Systems is to provide enhanced situational awareness and safety to all of our users. In addition, saving weight and cockpit space is of the utmost importance. At only 1.3 inches tall and standard Dzus rail width, the .35 lb LRK9100 provides a light and compact, feature filled keypad for any of the Lexavia sensors. You can combine any one of our controllers with our sensors to meet all of your mission requirements.



Product Brochure


• Expands the image output capabilities where camera controls are not embedded into the display system
• Powerful Image Enhancement Features
• Electronic Zoom
• Polarity: White Hot/Black Hot
• Freeze Frame


• Power: 28 VDC, .2 amps
• Standard Dzus rail mount
• Interface: RS-232
• NVG Compatible


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