LVM4000 Series Stowable Video Display


Short Description:

Lexavia offers a series of unique, rugged, foldable displays. These crisp, bright displays can are stowable for safety of flight by simply closing the display in one of four foldable orientations. The foldable displays are perfect for displaying infrared images from an EVS/gimbaled FLIR system or to provide moving map, computer graphics or any video required.

The LVM4000 series displays are available in 5.7”, 6.5” and 10.4” screen sizes, allow for folding in any of four orientations and come in grey or black to match most cockpits.

Our LVM4000 can be used as an independent display in the cockpit, or as a part of our standalone Enhanced Vision System (EVS) which allows an upgrade to an older generation cockpit where upgrading the entire primary flight displays or multi-function display is not a cost effective upgrade option when desiring EVS.



Product Brochure


• 3 Foldable Display Sizes
• Ruggedized Aluminum Construction
• NVG compatability Optional
• EVS Camera Controls Optional
• Powerful Image Enhancement Features
• Electronic Zoom
• Polarity: White Hot/Black Hot
• Freeze Frame


• Power: 28 VDC
• Resolution: 640 x 480
• NVG Compatability Optional
• 2 Video In
• 1 Video Out
• RS-170
• Adjustable Luminance Knob
• Displays well even in direct sunlight
• NVG Compatible Option
• RS-232

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