LVR5100 Series EVS Controller


Short Description:

Video recording can be invaluable when used for training, education and safety awareness. The LVR5100 brings unprecedented new capabilities to the cockpit. This combination recorder and EVS controller offers digital video recording of your operations and approaches coupled with Lexavia sensor control features.
The EVS controller provides polarity control, white-hot and black-hot, in addition to four separate levels of image enhancement and sharpening, and image zoom and freeze functions.  
The LVR5100 utilizes a 4GB internal memory, which provides up to 5 hours of record time. Additional recording time is limited only by the external USB or SD cards. Digital clarity is assured with the use of H.264 encoding and flight video can be played back on any PC or laptop with commonly available, free software.
At 1.5 inches in height and standard Dzus width, the 1.4 pound LVR5100 saves weight and cockpit space while providing the highest level of functionality. The Lexavia family of products gives you numerous choices for displays and sensors. You can combine our recorder/EVS controllers with any of our displays and sensors to meet all of your mission requirements.




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• Simple one touch operation
• 4 levels of enhancement & sharpness
• Image Freeze
• White Hot/Black Hot Polarity
• Records directly to USB, SD, or internal
• 4 GB of internal memory


• Power: 28 VDC
• Standard Dzus Rail Mount
• Interface: RS-232, 3 video in, 1 video out
• Memory:
Internal: 4 GB (up to 5 hours record time)
External: User provided SD/USB
(up to 82 min/GB record time)
• Format: H.264
• NVG Compatible


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